Dr Jill te Water Naudé is a Medical Doctor with additional training in Medical Aesthetics. She has done numerous courses and additional training and attended conferences and congresses in order to provide the best Medical Treatment to her clients.

Her initial training was done through Dr Semprini at The Bay Skin Care Clinic in Camps Bay.

There’s so much that can be done to improve your appearance and how you feel about yourself. Often a small change can start a whole different attitude that gets reflected in your everyday life.

You can re-invent yourself, re-style yourself, restore your previous looks, re-create yourself, rejuvenate yourself. Or maybe you just want to feel and look a little less tired, a little less stressed, a little less angry.

Maybe you want to treat yourself, because you’re special.


Price: R 1,200.00
Price: R 1,080.00
Price: R R60 per unit
Price: R 4,500
Price: R 1,700.00 per 1/2ml
Price: R 1,800.00 per 1/2ml
Price: From R 1,000.00 3x weekly treatments
Price: R 300.00 (3 peels for R750)
Price: R 350.00 (3 peels for R750)
Price: R 600.00
Price: R 650.00
Price: R R 1,000.00
For Better Results: Buy 3, get 1 free Spaced at 6 Week Intervals
Price: R 8,000.00 per set